Share Your Thoughts… in a Video!

Would you like to share parts of your day with your Community or just speak directly to them? Instead of typing out your thoughts, you can now upload your videos directly to the Community from your computer or your mobile device by following these steps:

When creating a post, select “Video” under “Add Body Content”
Click "Select File," which will open a popup window to your own files
Select the video you would like to share (limited to 200MB)
Once the video is fully uploaded, add text if you’d like, and click on “Submit your post” once you’re done

Ready? Start recording!

Looking for video ideas? Film your favorite place at home and tell us about it. Do you have pets? We’d love to meet them! Did you cook or eat something you really liked lately? Make a movie and tell us about it.

Don’t forget that you’re also able to share YouTube videos in your posts by clicking the video icon when creating a new post, and pasting a YouTube link in the video field.

Share Your Thoughts… in a Video!