Heart Failure Awareness Week: Engaging Your Healthcare Professional

Emma Pestritto • 12 February 2024

It is Heart Failure Awareness Week! Stay tuned this week and learn more about this year’s focus: Empowering Patients with Knowledge and Hope!

First Topic: Engaging Your Healthcare Provider

Engaging Your Healthcare Provider Means:

    •    That you are “actively” sharing information about your heart failure with your doctor as well as actively listening and asking questions.
    •    When “engagement” happens during your doctor’s appointment, your health outcomes have a much better chance of improving.

Tips to Engage Your Doctor:

    •    Don’t be shy about speaking up. If you don’t understand words, treatments, or medications, ask your doctor to explain them to you.
    •    Be honest about your heart failure self-care management. Let your doctor know what areas you are succeeding with and areas where you struggle.
    •    Be an active listener.
    •    Be active in the decision-making process with regards to: medications, activity, diet, lifestyle.
    •    Before your appointment, write down any health concerns you may have. Start the visit with the most important issue.

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Engaging your Healthcare Provider