Heart Failure Awareness Week: Socializing with Heart Failure

Emma Pestritto • 14 February 2024

Studies have shown almost 80% of heart failure patients report social isolation*.  Learn more today about the causes of social isolation and how to have social outings.

Causes of social isolation:

  • Fatigue
  • Swelling in legs making mobility harder
  • Complex medication regiments and the need to be near a restroom after diuretic
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Depression


Planning social outings:

  • Plan rest breaks into your activities to help with fatigue.
  • Use valet parking or adaptive equipment such as a wheelchair if you have long distances to walk.
  • Ask your provider if they can adjust the timing/frequency of your diuretics to allow for activity (always ask, never change it yourself). Sometimes diuretics can be once a day, taken after activities.
  • When going to a restaurant, eat low sodium at home prior to and order something small or just have a coffee while you socialize.
  • Keep in regular contact with people, whether in person, over the phone, or computer. Join support groups such as Together in Heart Failure, AHA’s Support Network, or others.

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