Register for Virtual Patient & Caregiver Day!

Emma Pestritto • 16 January 2024

Register for the Virtual Patient & Caregiver Day during Heart Failure Awareness Week! Registration is free!

Day: February 13, 2024

Time: 2:30 pm ET - 5:00 pm ET

Location: Virtual





Agenda Highlights:

  1. Heart Failure: There is Hope! Discover inspiring stories of individuals triumphing over heart failure. Learn about strategies for a positive mindset from a patient and expert Psychologist.

  2. Understanding Your Diagnosis: Explore the universal definition of heart failure, interpretation of diagnosis, the importance of knowing your numbers and hear from patients about their experience.

  3. Understanding Heart Failure Symptoms: Arm yourself with knowledge! Understand the early signs and symptoms of heart failure. Learn when to seek medical attention and how to monitor your health at home.

  4. Mastering the Medicine Maze: A Guide to Navigating Heart Failure Medications Uncover practical tips and tricks for managing medications effectively. Get expert advice from a pharmacist on overcoming common challenges and ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

  5. Treasures of Support: Exploring Heart Failure Resources and Offerings: Explore the wealth of resources available to heart failure patients. Discuss upcoming programs and support offered by the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses and learn how to engage in the Together in Heart Failure website.

Connect and Engage:

  • Network with fellow patients and caregivers

  • Q&A sessions with healthcare professionals

  • Access valuable educational materials

Virtual Access:

  • Join from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Can't make it live? Sessions will be available on demand for registered participants

Together, we navigate heart failure with strength and knowledge!