Composing a Healthy Diet

Josh Vogel • 9 January 2017
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Taking control of your diet is an important part of managing HF. Your doctor can help you understand what you need to do in order to eat healthier.

Here are some heart-healthy tips to keep in mind:
•    Consume less sodium
•    Limit fats and cholesterol
•    Limit alcohol and fluids if your doctor instructs you to do so
•    Eat leaner meats and poultry without skin
•    Eat fish at least twice a week
•    Choose low-fat and fat-free dairy products
•    Eat plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
•    Avoid processed foods (they tend to be high in sodium)
•    Request little to no added salt when dining out (and choose baked or steamed instead of fried)

If you’re interested in cooking some of your own heart-healthy meals, you can find some delicious recipes in the Living with HF section of Together in HF.

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