Learn How To Better Manage Your Stress

Josh Vogel • 19 April 2017

It is common for HF patients and their caregivers to experience stress throughout the HF journey. Understanding how to deal with it is an important part of managing HF. Some easy and quick adjustments may help you better manage and lower stress.

  • Do fun things that you like to do such as reading or other hobbies.
  • Listen to peaceful music.
  • Allow yourself to put your feet up and take a rest every day.
  • Take time every day to relax, close your eyes, breath slowly and in your mind visit a place that is very special to you (perhaps the beach, or a sunset, or petting your cat or dog).
  • Write down how you feel, or talk to a friend or family members about your feelings.
  • Go for a walk or get some physical activity that you enjoy.
  • Set goals for what you want to get done each day.
  • Don’t try to do too many things in one day.