It is Giving Tuesday! Support the Heart Failure Patient Foundation with the purchase of a Tumbler!

Melissa Hayes • 28 November 2023

Today is Giving Tuesday! Consider donating to the Heart Failure Patient Foundation by purchasing a 40 oz  Tumbler! 

 Link is below!   This is a great way to support the Heart Failure Patient Foundation!


The Heart Failure Patient Foundation Holiday Fundraiser Custom Ink Fundraising

Fun Fact:  The Heart Failure Patient Foundation supports the Together in HF website! 

Support Life, Support Hope: Donate to the Heart Failure Patient Foundation

Every beat of the heart is precious, and your support can make a life-changing difference. The Heart Failure Patient Foundation is a resource for countless individuals navigating the challenges of heart failure. Your contribution can be the key to transforming lives and fostering a brighter, healthier future.

Here's why your donation matters:

Empower Patients: Your generosity directly aids in providing essential resources, education, and support to heart failure patients and their families. It's about empowering individuals to manage their condition and lead fulfilling lives.

Community Support: Together, we build a strong community. Your donation helps create a supportive network where individuals affected by heart failure can find guidance, share experiences, and feel the warmth of understanding hearts.

Educate & Raise Awareness: By donating, you contribute to spreading awareness about heart failure, its symptoms, prevention, and the importance of early intervention. Education saves lives, and your support helps in this vital mission.

Your contribution, no matter the size, carries immeasurable value. It's a gesture of kindness, solidarity, and compassion that resonates deeply within the lives of those affected by heart failure.

Join us in this journey of impact and change.

To donate and make a difference today, purchase one of our tumblers! Your generosity will directly support our initiatives and the lives of heart failure patients.

Thank you for being part of this vital mission to support, uplift, and improve the lives of individuals battling heart failure.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The Heart Failure Patient Foundation

We raise awareness to improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure, by providing patients and their families, caregivers, nurses and others with information, education, networking opportunities, and related resources.

To see patients with heart failure, families, caregivers and advocates empowered with the best available information, to ensure optimal quality of life.

WHO This Helps
A heart failure diagnosis is a great equalizer of all backgrounds, ages, and medical history -- help us help those who need it the most.

WHAT We Will Do With It
Your valuable donations help us to support heart failure research as well as continue to build the Together in Heart Failure Network, the only online network of medical professionals as well as patients and caregivers able to answer individual heart failure-related questions.

WHY It Is Needed
Research is desperately needed in the heart failure space. Individuals and caregivers managing a heart failure diagnosis continually share their need for more education and a free network to answer disease related questions. This is a critical benefit amidst the challenge of heart failure management.